Our history

Over the years, I have been able to observe the beaches and waters devastated by pollution, but also meet the populations directly affected by this scourge, to which are now added the problems of global warming and rising sea levels.
It quickly became impossible to take the same pleasure in the water when almost every beach is an alarm cry from the ocean.
The trigger was during my last trip while surfing Greenbush to the Mentawai Islands, a total awareness of this paradox, so much beauty destroyed.
We had to act, react, be an actor of progress, create a project with a “green” thread and three priorities: Environment, Health, Protection.
It is in this context that the Greenbush brand was born.
We have created a sun care line without chemical filters, natural and mineral products that preserve the oceans, corals in particular; then stainless steel bottles to stop this overconsumption of plastic bottles piling up on beaches and in the oceans.

Hervé, founder of Greenbush.

Batiment Greenbush