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Better understand our formulas and Ecocert certification

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for beauty and skin care products that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients in their beauty products and are keen to choose natural formulas, free of harmful chemicals. This is where natural cosmetics come in, offering healthy alternatives to take care of your skin while preserving our planet.

At Greenbush, we are committed to offering the highest quality beauty products, formulated with natural ingredients carefully selected for their benefits for the skin. In this article, we'll explore the key ingredients we use in our natural cosmetics formulas, highlighting the benefits of each. You'll discover how ingredients like organic beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter and more can contribute to your skincare routine.

In addition, we will present the COSMOS certification by Ecocert Green Life, an international standard that guarantees the transparency, quality and commitment to the environment of our products. You will understand why this certification is essential for those looking for planet-friendly beauty products.

We invite you to explore the world of natural cosmetics and discover how Greenbush products, COSMOS certified by Ecocert Green Life, can help you take care of your skin while taking care of our planet. Get ready to discover exceptional natural ingredients and feel great about your skincare routine. Join us on this adventure towards healthier and environmentally friendly beauty.

The Key Ingredients of Our Formulas

Greenbush's natural cosmetic formulas are made from a careful selection of natural ingredients, each element chosen for its benefits for the skin. Discover how these key ingredients contribute to our commitment to natural, healthy beauty:

Organic Beeswax: Protect and Nourish

Organic beeswax is one of the pillars of our formulas. It acts as a protective barrier on the skin, helping to retain moisture and prevent water loss. This means that your skin remains well hydrated, while being protected from external aggressions. Imagine a thin, invisible layer that maintains the balance of your skin, while keeping it soft and supple.

Organic Sunflower Oil: Softness and Suppleness

Organic sunflower oil is a real caress for the skin. It has softening and softening properties, giving your skin a feeling of softness. It also maintains its natural hydration, helping to prevent skin irritation and dryness. Imagine your skin, wrapped in a coat of softness, ready to face the world.

Organic Shea Butter: Soothing and Protective

Organic shea butter is a treasure for the skin. Its composition rich in triglycerides, fatty acids, wax esters and vitamins (A, D, E) makes it a soothing and protective ally. It protects your skin from external aggressions while providing a base of protection against UV rays, equivalent to a low level of UV filter. Imagine your skin, wrapped in a haven of softness and security.

Organic Macadamia Oil: Elasticity and Suppleness

Organic macadamia oil is a key ingredient for improving skin elasticity and suppleness. It penetrates deep to nourish and soothe your skin, leaving it soft and comforted. Imagine more supple skin, able to move gracefully.

Organic Almond Oil: Nourish Dry Skin

For dry skin, organic almond oil is a treasure. It's packed with unsaturated fatty acids that act as an emollient and moisturizer, providing essential nutrition while preventing skin from becoming dehydrated. It also promotes skin repair, providing suppleness and reinforcement to the skin. Imagine nourished and protected skin, far from dryness.

Organic Aloe Vera: Hydration, Soothing and Regeneration

Organic Aloe Vera is the perfect ingredient to moisturize, soothe, regenerate and heal the skin. It accelerates the process of collagen production, helping the skin regain its vitality. Imagine your skin glowing with health, repaired and ready to shine.

Organic Castor Oil: Intense Hydration and Soothing

Organic castor oil is a valuable ally for dry skin. It penetrates deep to provide intense hydration and complete nutrition. In addition, it effectively soothes sensations of irritation and itching on the skin, while helping to delay the appearance of signs of aging and maintaining the suppleness and elasticity of your skin. Imagine skin that is soothed and intensely hydrated.

Organic Jojoba Oil and Wax: Nourishing and Moisturizing

Organic jojoba oil and jojoba wax are cherished for their composition close to that of human sebum. They deeply nourish and hydrate the skin of the face. Imagine radiant skin, bathed in natural softness.

Carnauba Palm Wax: Effective Protection

Carnauba palm wax is a powerful ingredient that forms a protective film on the skin. This water-resistant film is both lightweight and non-clogging for pores, providing effective protection for the epidermis. Imagine your skin protected from external aggressions, without obstructing its natural functions.

Organic Rapeseed Oil: Hydration and Antioxidants

Organic rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, making it an excellent moisturizer. It soothes skin inflammations and helps fight the signs of skin aging. Imagine skin that is well hydrated, calm and ready to face environmental factors.

Organic Coconut Oil: Strengthen the Protective Film

Coconut oil strengthens the skin's protective film, limiting water loss, nourishing dry areas, while leaving a sweet coconut scent. Its antioxidant properties protect the skin from external aggressions such as cold, wind, sun rays and pollution. Imagine skin that is protected and naturally scented.

Organic Illipé Butter: Emollient and Conditioning Agent

Illipe butter is recognized as one of the most nutritious butters. It contributes to skin's suppleness and elasticity, serving as a premier moisturizer to restore dry skin and revive dull hair. It also provides protection against static electricity and damage caused by external factors. Imagine silky, supple skin and vibrant hair.

Organic Blue Chicory Flower Seed Oil: Skin Regeneration

Blue chicory seed oil is a remarkable skin regeneration and repair agent. Its fatty acids strengthen the skin's protective film, thus preserving its elasticity and hydration. It also promotes cell renewal. Imagine revitalized and strengthened skin.

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil: Valuable Nutrition for Skin and Hair

Apricot kernel oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which provides valuable hydration and nutrition to the skin. It helps treat dry skin, wrinkles and age spots. It also improves skin elasticity and firmness, potentially reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Imagine nourished skin and shiny hair.

Each element has been carefully selected for its specific properties, to provide you with an exceptional skincare experience.

COSMOS Certification by Ecocert Green Life

COSMOS certification is an essential part of Greenbush's commitment to the quality and integrity of its products. But what is COSMOS Certification, and why is it so important for Greenbush products? This section will enlighten you on these crucial questions.

What is COSMOS Certification?

COSMOS Certification (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) is an international standard that aims to define the criteria for natural and organic skin care products. This standard guarantees that products are manufactured using natural and organic ingredients, while respecting the environment and the health of consumers. It also regulates how products are manufactured, packaged and marketed. So, when you buy a COSMOS certified product, you have the assurance that it meets strict standards of quality, origin of ingredients and manufacturing.

The Advantages of COSMOS Certification

For Greenbush products, COSMOS Certification represents a guarantee of quality and commitment to the well-being of our customers. Here are some of the most important benefits of this certification:

  1. Total Transparency: COSMOS Certification guarantees total transparency regarding the proportion of natural and organic ingredients present in our products. So you can make informed decisions when choosing your Greenbush skin care products.
  2. Commitment to the Environment: By adhering to this certification, Greenbush is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. COSMOS products are manufactured using sustainable practices, which helps protect the planet.
  3. Respect for Health: COSMOS certified products are formulated with ingredients that respect the health of consumers. You can therefore be assured that our products do not contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin or your health.

COSMOS Certification by Ecocert Green Life is much more than a simple label. It represents a commitment to quality, transparency and the environment. Greenbush is proud to meet these high standards to offer our customers natural and organic skin care products that respect skin, health and the planet.

In summary, our commitment to natural cosmetic formulas and COSMOS Certification by Ecocert Green Life is proof of our dedication to quality, transparency and the environment. The natural ingredients we use in our products provide a multitude of benefits for your skin, from deep hydration to protection against external aggressors. You deserve the best, and that's what we strive to provide.

Our COSMOS Certification is the guarantee that our products are manufactured following strict standards, with total transparency regarding the composition. You can therefore make your purchases with complete confidence, knowing that our products respect your skin, your health and the environment.

We invite you to explore our range of COSMOS certified products by Ecocert Green Life. Discover the effectiveness of natural ingredients in our unique formulas and give your skin the care it deserves. Take care of yourself while taking care of the planet.

Don't wait any longer, choose quality, transparency and commitment to the environment. Join the Greenbush community and discover a new way to take care of your skin.

We thank you for accompanying us throughout this article. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your skin deserves the best, and Greenbush is here to provide you with exceptional products.

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